This afternoon the boys helped me clean the garage after I hooked up my old stereo system; they enjoyed blasting my bad teenage musical taste to the neighborhood. Somehow they don’t recognize Audio-Visions for the travesty it was … (at Longfellow (neighborhood), Minneapolis)

Madame Benedict, oo la la! (at Le Town Talk - French Diner & Drinkery)

A perfect day on Lake Nokomis (at Lake Nokomis)

First step in combing two troops gear: figure out what to keep and what to toss. This will be a long process … (at Minnehaha United Methodist Church)

The colors are changing! (at Ford Parkway Bridge)

Pothole (at Interstate State Park)

Pothole peepers (at Interstate State Park)

If only this were still a store that sells Orange Crush, I’d have stopped in for a bottle (at Matthews Park)

There’s the man himself; the boys insist on sitting in the back row, so Mr Beagle is a bit tiny, (at Riverview Theater)

Here for The Last Unicorn with Peter Beagle (at Riverview Theater)

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